Weekend Book Tag: Completed Series Tag

It’s time for another Sunday Book Tag! This week I’ll be doing the  Top Two Books from Six Genres tag, as seen here on Katytastic‘s channel. This has obviously been adapted from booktube, since I can’t *show* you the series completed on my shelves physically… This tag will only count towards the series which are completley finished by the authors, so for example, I won’t be including “The Heroes of Olympus” by Rick Riordan, despite having read every published book in that series- because, obviously, it is not yet finished-

In this post, I will list all of the book series which I have completed, followed by the number of books included in the series for reference. How many of these have you read? Did you enjoy them?

How many series have you completed? 16!

List of Completed Series:

1.The Mediator- Meg Cabot (6)

  1. 1-800-Where Are You- Meg Cabot (5)
  2. Harry Potter- J.K Rowling (7)
  3. The Midnighters- Scott Westerfeld (3)
  4. Study Series- Maria V Snyder (3 OH WAIT THERE’S A NEW BOOK COMING OUT FU-4, but I’ve only read the original 3 so let’s count it as three!)
  5. Vampire Academy- Richelle Mead (6)
  6. The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins (3)
  7. Matched Series- Ally Condie (3)
  8. Percy Jackson Series- Rick Riordan (5)
  9. His Dark Materials- Phillip Pullman (3)
  10. The Wind Singer – William Nichollas (3)
  11. The Knife of Never Letting Go- Patrick Ness (3 +3 novellas = 6)
  12. Witch Series- Carolyn McCullough (2)
  13. The Maze Runner Series- James Dashner (4)
  14. Gemma Doyle Trilogy- Libba Bray (3)
  15. Lila- Sarah Alderson (2)

That seems like not very much, to me somehow…but so many series I’m reading are on going, including Pratchett’s never ending Discworld- which is currently standing at 40 books! But the “on-going series” tag can be next weeks!


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