Monthly Round Up: January Wrap Up and February TBR!

I was going to do the Top Ten Tuesday, which this week is “Which 10 worlds would you never want to exist in?” and I got stuck. I’ve been hella busy over the weekend so I thought I’d take this opportunity to post my first Monthly Wrap up instead. These wrap ups will include what I read in the current month and their ratings, and what is on the reading horizons for the next month.

I somehow managed to read 9 books in January (10 if I finish the one I’m currently reading by Saturday, which I think I will, so I’ll include it as if I’ve finished it ;3)- so what did I read in January 2014, and what will I be reading in february?

January Wrap Up

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1.Virals (#1)- Kathy Reichs (01/01/2014)- 4 stars.

2.Changeling (#1)- Philippa Gregory (04/01/2014)- 2 stars

3.More Than This- Patrick Ness (10/01/2014) – 5 stars

4.Cinder (the Lunar Chronicles #1- Reread)- Marissa Meyer (17/01/2014)- 5 stars

5.Stardust (Re-read)- Neil Gaiman (19/01/2014)- 4 stars

6.Starters (#1 – Re-read)- Lissa Price (20/01/2014)- 3 stars

7.Enders (#2)- Lissa Price (21/01/2014) – 2 stars

8.Shattered Souls (#1 – Re-read)- Mary Lindsey (24/01/2014)- 3 Stars

9.Fragile Spirits (#2)- Mary Lindsey (27/01/2014)- 4 stars


Currently Reading:


1. And the Mountains Echoed- Khaled Housseini (40% done)


February TBR


Now, I’m not going to overload my reading list next month because it’s dissertation deadline month, so I need to spend a hell of a lot of my time finishing it off, however, with how much I read in the evenings at night, when I’m not doing work anyway, I should manage at least 6 books- anything on top of that is a plus. So here is what I’m planning on reading. Some of these are re-reads because their sequels will be following them straight away!





Anything on top of those core 6 books will be an added bonus. Are you planning on reading any of these books? have you read any of them already- what did you think if you have?


3 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: January Wrap Up and February TBR!

  1. I’ve waned to read Stardust for AGES, but just haven’t got round to it yet. Really need to read this immediately! I got Cinder and Scarlett for Christmas but they are another 2 that I haven’t got round to reading yet. I just keep buying books and never reading them!

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