Top Ten Tuesday :4


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I’m pretty new at bookblogging, with TheBookHeap only being made on the 12th December 2013 (I can’t quite believe it’s been over 3 months already!), But I can’t think of ten reasons yet, of why I love bookblogging. As I’m not yet one of those popular bloggers who have loads of followers and get offered ARC copies (;3 yet, oh ho I has plans)I can boil it down to simply two, which apply to me:-

 1.Discussing all manner of books with people who enjoy them as well

Sadly, I don’t know too many people in real life who read as much as I do, and so it’s nice to be able to have discussions about books I’m excited about with people on the interwebs who liked them too. It gives me something to geek out over, haha! I have a good amount of followers who I follow back, who enjoy the same reading material as me and it’s nice to find people who enjoy the same things.

2.Expanding my reading horizons

Through both WordPress and Booktubers, while most of what people are reading is Young Adult, there is also some new stuff filtering through, stuff which I might not have ever read, had it not been shown to me through this media- which is always a good thing. I’ve actually just bought my first couple of non-fiction books about North Korea, one of which I’m already reading- because I find that subject both fascinating and terrifying. It’s nice to see my personal library get some difference added to it because most of it is “young adult dystopia”, “young adult fantasy” and the themes in those genres are getting quite repetitive and unoriginal now. I’ve also just gotten a couple of non-fiction books relating to my masters dissertation topic, which I didn’t have to because I’m submitting it this week after slogging over it for nearly a year (!!!!!), but the topic truly interests me, so it’ll be nice to have them for reference on my shelves.


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