Monthly Round Up: February Wrap Up and March TBR!

February has been quite a busy month for me, except for the last two weeks where I’ve not been able to do anything due to my knee injury. However, I’m surprised I got so much read since I had to get my Masters Dissertation submitted this month (wooo finally over!) I’m also happy because I got all of my original February TBR read and more! Yay progress! So, what did I read, and what will I be reading in March?

February Wrap Up:







Original TBR

1. When She Woke- Hilary Jordan (:31/01/2014- really wasn’t expecting that to get read so quickly!)

2.Sweetly (Fairytale Retellings #2)- Jackson Pearce ( 04/02/2014)

3. Scarlet (TLC #2)- Marissa Meyer ( Re-read 07/02/2014)

4. Cress (TLC #3)- Marissa Meyer (08/02/2014)

5. Fracture (#1)- Megan Miranda ( Re-read 13/02/2014)


6. Number the Stars- Lois Lowry (15/02/2014)

7. Elsewhere- Gabrielle Zevin (16/02/2014)

8.Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea- Barbara Demick (19/02/2014)

9. Hourglass – Myra McEntire (22/02/2014)

10. Restless- William Boyd (24/02/2014)

11. Code Name Verity – Elizabeth Wein (27/02/2014)

12. Divergent (#1)- Veronica Roth (Re-read 28/02/2014)

Holy Moly I got TWELVE books read?! Jeeesus. I’m impressed with myself!

March TBR

I have a couple of sequels to read this month so I’ll be re-reading the original books as well.

1. The Archived- Victoria Schwab

2. Insurgent- Veronica Roth (re-read)

3. Allegiant- Veronica Roth

4. Slide – Jill Hathaway (Re-read)

5. Imposter- Jill Hathaway

6. Dark Inside- Jeyn Roberts (Re-read)

7. Rage Within- Jeyn Roberts

8. Cruel Beauty- Rosamund Hodge

9. Uninvited- Sophie Jordan.

Anything additional again is a bonus. What did you read in February, and what will you be reading in march?


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