Monthly Round Up: March Wrap Up and April TBR!

But first a general, happy update: I found out yesterday that I passed my dissertation, which means I HAVE MY MASTERS DEGREE! (~*~with Merit!~*~)- ahhh, such a great feeling, and such a bloody relief.  Since I set this book blog up in December, I’ll  back track and fill you in, which will give you an idea why it’s such a “Relief”. I graduated from my Undergrad in 2012 (Criminology, 2:1!), and decided to do a Masters because the course was cheaper than usual- don’t get me wrong, I still had to take out a bank loan to do it, but it’d be worth it because it’s an extra degree. So from 2012 until january this year, I was balancing three jobs: Studying full time, working part time at weekends at unsocial hours (i.e. 3am-12am), and doing my voluntary work.  I started my dissertation in May but shit happened and a problem came up with the research I could not have predicted, meaning I had to redo it from scratch in September, when it was originally due- so when everybody else submitted theirs, I was starting mine. Cue massive stress. Everybody got their results just as I submitted mine- eeeeph. But anyway, it’s all worked out and I’m super glad that my dissertation didn’t get slaughtered by the markers for being crap and YAY. Just YAY!


*COUGH* anyway, moving on to the real reason why this post exists: WRAP UP AND TBR TIME, AMIRITE GUYS??

So, what did I read in March?



bk6jeynrob di






Still Reading (slowly but surely!)



April TBR:






I’m also hoping to buy a crap load of books this month because it’s ma burfday~ so I’ll be posting a book haul post some time soon!


Have any of you read any of these books? What did you think of them?


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