Top Ten Tuesday 10: Apocalyptic Dream Team


As hosted by Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

So this week’s theme, you basically pick the top ten characters who “X”, so it can be the ten who piss you off the most, the ten who you are entirely besotted with, the ten characters who need an attitude adjustment. I decided to mix this with a popular booktuber tag at the moment and pick “My Apocalyptic Dream Team” using Ten Characters from Ten different series.

I’m trying to avoid picking similar teams so I’m limiting myself to one character per book/series.


The Girls:


  1. Hermione Granger: The Brightest Witch of her Age. (Harry PotteR)
  2. Katniss Everdeen: The Girl on Fire. (THG)
  3. Cinder: Cyborg. Escaped Fugitive. Mechanical engineer. (TLC)
  4. Celaena Sardothien: The Assassin (Throne of Glass)
  5. Veronica Mars- PI: because she basically wins at life. (VM- hey it’s a book series now!)


The Guys:


  1. Percy Jackson: Son of Posidon (PJO)
  2. Tobias/Four: a bad ass, basically (Divergent)
  3. Valek: Chief of Security (Poison Study)
  4. Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
  5. Iorek (Northern Lights/Golden Compass) – yes, I want a polar bear king on my side. Can you blame me? Those things are bloody vicious!



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