Top Ten Tuesday 11: Book Covers as Art Work


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, featuring a different top 10 theme each week. It should be noted I have gone out of my way to not repeat my “Favourite covers” and instead have picked covers which I think could actually pass for being artwork if you removed the title page. Ones you wouldn’t be surprised to see being sold on the interwebs etc.

1. Penguin English Library


Any of these beauties would make a lovely piece of art due to the print work of the cover. North and South is one of my favourites of them so far. The cotton reels obviously are well picked because they are symbolic to the story but I also really like the soft colours they chose for this design and I love the versions of these books. I plan on doing a post shortly of my current collection of these!

2. The Gemma Doyle Trilogy


This series’ covers are just beautifully done and I could imagine them all being turned into a series of wall prints.

3. Life After Life


There is something haunting and stunning about this cover. I absolutely love it.

4. The Night Circus


With the bold and beautiful colour scheme and style of this cover, this book screamed my name across the bookshop for three months before I finally caved and picked it up. Ugh, so beautiful (both the book and cover).

5.  The Girl who Chased the Moon


I absolutely love this cover, it’s just so pretty and magical.

6. Tuck Everlasting


I always imagine this cover is Winnie as she sits and ponders her choice, as a young girl, whether she wants to live forever or not.

7.  Never Let Me Go


I didn’t really love this book. But I love the design of the cover!

8.  Paper Towns


This was the first book by John Green I picked up and you guessed it, it was because I was intrigued by that cover!

9. The Discworld Collector’s Edition


They recently started republishing Pratchett’s Discworld series (I have read books 3-21 so far and love them!), in these lovely hardcovers which are the size of a paperback, but excellent quality and I adore the artwork for them so much! I currently have my favourite arc “The Death Collection” and “Guards, Guards” in this style. I plan to get all of them!

10. The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland…


Where most people are picking Alice in Wonderland, I actually prefer this book/cover.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 11: Book Covers as Art Work

    • thebookheap says:

      It’s one of the best I’ve seen hands down. It’s so simple but it stands out for miles!

  1. arianrhod123 says:

    The Night Circus has such an amazing cover – I really need to get around to reading it. And the new Discworld covers are so perfect and I keep getting really tempted to buy some of them! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • thebookheap says:

      I’m blown away by the new discworld art work and I love that those hardbacks are the size of paperbacks. Perfect for carrying in your bag!

  2. I really like the Night Circus. I’m a big fan of silhouettes with just a dash of colour and so this one if perfect.
    Really love The Discworld Collector’s Edition, they would make really good framed artwork 🙂 Never read them, but you’ve mentioned them a few times and now I’m really intrigued. May have to check them out 🙂

  3. Nice! I’ve never seen that cover of Tuck Everlasting — it’s wonderful! I’ve always loved the Paper Towns cover; it’s simple but really striking. This is a great list, and I like that they all seem to work well together.

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