General: An Apology!

Oh my lawrd, May is not a very good reading month for me! I apologise so much, I know a lot of you were waiting on “friday’s fairy tales”, and it has been weeks since I have posted a review, but at least there is a reason, I guess.


I’m currently working full time hours (for less than 2 shifts pay. don’t ask. hmph), plus on my days off I’m fitting in my voluntary work when I can. This means that I get home, and I sleep, I get up and go to work. I literally have hardly read anything this month. I suppose it is probably nice to have a bit of a break from reading but yeah, I’ve not even cracked one of my May TBR books and it is already the 18th!  I’m that tired, I went to sleep at 7pm last night and woke up at 6.30am this morning. I kid you not.


I am 50% through “Thief’s Magic”, which was published on the 15th (oops!) and yeah…I think this TBR is just going to have to be rolled over to June at this rate. ugh. I’m going to quickly draft some reviews for older books I have read just so I can post them this week to give you guys some reviews to read anyway, I can only apologise and hope you will all have patience with me! The missing Friday’s Fairy Tales has been pushed back until this friday coming (23rd), so it will be posted then!


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