Top Ten Tuesday 16: Cover Loves/Hates


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by  The Broke and The Bookish.  This week the theme is cover trends you either love and/or hate! I can only actually think of two of each that I love and hate- I’m quite tolerant when it comes to covers (although yes, in YA they get incredibly repetitive). I’m not doing very well with these Top Ten Tuesdays lately, I haven’t actually done the last two, purely because I couldn’t think of ten things!

Let’s start with a trend I love, shall we?

I love…Font-Centric Covers



I Love…Illustrated Covers



I Hate: Faces on Covers



BONUS: I hate  Symbolic. I used to love it back when it was mainly a Hunger Games thing, then the rest of the “Series” jumped on the bandwagon ….yeah.


Personally, you just can’t beat a good book with a gorgeous font or illustrated cover…


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 16: Cover Loves/Hates

  1. I totally judge a book by it’s cover. My favorite covers are those that feature the main characters. (Accurately of course) I agree with you, I don’t like where they use photographs of real people on covers.

    • thebookheap says:

      it’s the rehashing of the mockingjay progression in thg, and in my own opinion, it is exhausted.

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