Austen August- a Read-A-Long Proposal


Ahhhh it’s that time of year again. Cloudy English Summertime, where the heat is too hot and sticky to actually do anything apart from sit on the couch or in the garden, perfect reading weather. I always seem to get bitten by the Jane Austen bug around this time of year, which is hilarious considering I loathed studying Austen in sixth form.

I decided this year is the year I want to re-read Pride and Prejudice. I also got some Austen-themed books for my birthday, which are shown below- I plan on reading these two on the side, along with P&P


Upon mentioning my plans to re-read it this summer, a few bloggers who follow me (you lovely like-minded people!) said they’d been wanting to read P&P for years but never had, or they wanted to relive the magic in the book and it got me thinking…what better way to read these books, than to make August a themed month, and maybe try and get some other bloggers involved?! I’ve mentioned this idea briefly in the last few weeks and a few people seem on board with the idea- anyone who wishes to is more than welcome to join in!

I will be doing a ~*~PRIDE AND PREJUDICE READ-A-LONG~*~ throughout the month of August!

I will be reading one-to-three chapters of the story a day. Making notes on them, my thoughts, any amusing things that occur within them, and then I will be making weekly discussion posts for the thread on this blog, for everyone who is following the read-a-long to discuss the wonderful book that is P&P. This will be a new feature on “thebookheap” which will be posted on Sundays, and the blog posts will basically act as a “round up” for the activity on the group and what happened in the book during that week.  I have already set up a Goodreads Group Page so we can have daily discussions about anything you want whilst reading the book, rather than just waiting until the end of the week

The group contains the initial introduction boards, boards to discuss anything Austen themed (or non-Austen themed). Discussions of favourite characters, heroines, heroes, themes; polls about the novels. If you have any suggestions to improve the group, feel free to message me! It has thirteen members already, which is brilliant! The more the merrier, however, so if you know someone who you think would enjoy this project, please feel free to spread the word! The group itself is live and the discussion boards are all set up, so feel free to talk on them prior to the actual read-a-long starting!

If you’d be interested in taking part in this read-a-long, feel free to leave a comment on this post and/or join the Goodreads group! The read-a-long will take place from 1st August-31st August to allow the most amount of time for the variety of readers, so nobody feels rushed or pressured while enjoying this book.


18 thoughts on “Austen August- a Read-A-Long Proposal

    • thebookheap says:

      Me too!! I’m really happy with the response so far. I mean it was going to be fun to re-read it and review it by myself, but it will be so much more fun if it manages to be on the more social side of things

  1. I’m in! I last read Pride and Prejudice eleven years ago (although I did read a Marvel graphic novel version a year ago) and have been thinking about re-reading it for a while. Yeay!!

    • thebookheap says:

      YAY! Oh man, I spied the marvel graphic version of northanger abbey a couple of months ago and I WANT it so badly- I just can’t justify buying it yet. It looks great though! How did you find the marvel P&P??

      • I was in Bath at the Jane Austen Centre/Regency Tea Rooms and my mum spotted it in the gift shop and bought it for me. I don’t know if I’d have bought it myself as it was quite expensive but it was a brilliant read!

      • thebookheap says:

        Ahhh I went there last year! I now have so much love for Bath! I went there for a neil gaiman signing so obviously we just had to visit the JAC! I need to go back!

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