Monthly Round Up: June Wrap Up and July TBR!

I’m a couple of days late, but here we are.


June was a tricky month to me- I started out well and slowly worked my way into a reading slump because I overdid it with my jobs and managed to exhaust myself. Either way I got a decent amount of reading done, which is always nice. Here is what my reading month looked like for June. Click the titles to link to my reviews!













1. Cinderella’s Dress – Shonna Slayton (Netgalley Request)

2. Fangirl– Rainbow Rowell

3.  Smart– Kim Slater

4. Eleanor and Park– Rainbow Rowell

5. Juliet, Naked– Nick Hornby

6. The Shadow of the Wind– Carlos Ruiz Safon

7. Tarnish– J.D Brink

8. Black Apples– Various Authors

9. We’ll Always Have Paris- Ray Bradbury (Review to come)

Bonus Reviews:

1. The Graveyard Book- Neil Gaiman

2. Can You Keep a Secret?– Sophie Kinsella



I’ve decided, after that little slump I entered mid-june, to take it easy on the netgalley books for a little bit. Ebooks tire me out somehow. I’ve had a shelf of physical books waiting for nearly a year to be read, so I’ve decided to hack away at that pile a little more this month. I still have 2 netgalley/email books I’ve promised to read in June, and I will- they will just be pushed to the back end of the month. I also have a fairy busy month ahead of me, with graduation from my masters degree, and my charity bike ride (justgiving page is here , fyi my goal is £200 and I’m at around £150, which is awesome but any donations you may want to give are appreciated, it’s to raise money for a children’s hospital in liverpool!) so I’m just going to take it a littl easier this month.  So I’m not having a set TBR this month, as much. I’m just going to pick up whatever physical books I feel like at the time :3


Do you guys find TBRs tire you out somehow? or do you love creating lists to check off as you go?



4 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: June Wrap Up and July TBR!

  1. I never make TBRs at least in blog posts. I have an idea going in what I want to read each month but I don’t write it down or post about it because then I feel like it’s written in stone :O you read a ton of great books last month though! FANGIRL! And Smart looks wonderful. 🙂

    • thebookheap says:

      yeah, that’s what I’m finding with doing TBRs, I might just stop it and only do wrap up posts. I know, somehow it didn’t feel like a lot but it is because I was reading 2 of them for nearly 3 weeks @,@ Smart was enjoyable but fair warning it contains dark themes, just incase 🙂

  2. I think the trick is to keep reading for enjoyment and not make it into work. “I have to read these three books” takes the fun out of it. I have a huge list of books I want to read. I organize them in the order I plan to read them in, but then I always just start whichever sounds good at the time anyway. I never set reading goals, because I know I’ll fail or stress myself out about it. 😉 Good luck with your TBR list for July.

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