Top Ten Tuesday 18: Confessions of TheBookHeap


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This Top Ten Tuesday is focusing on “Bookish confessions”. Now a lot of people have interpreted this differently. Some are literally doing “bookish confessions”, and others are doing more “book-blog confessions”. I’ve decided to split it half and half.


I will be doing my top 5 Book-reading confessions and then my Top 5 Book-Blog Confessions.



  1. I’ve been on a year long book buying ban, due to money and my job situation (in the middle of a weird swapping jobs stage meant no wages for a few months). I bought a load of books at christmas to get me through, it’s actually worked quite well- but this is why you don’t really see any “new and popular” books on my blog- too expensive (yet).


  2. If my series covers do not match, I am not a happy bunny. They must all be in either hardback or paperback, not mixed and the covers must match. My harry potter series drives me nuts but I cannot justify re-buying a new deathly hallows just because it is the adult UK hardcover and not the children’s UK hardcover like the rest of them.


  3. Bookmarks. I love me some Bookmarks. I blame the book depository for this but I have a nice little collection growing. My favourites include a metal butterfly with my name engraved on it from my parents and a reed-based one my friend Varya got me from Japan when she went on a trip there.


  4. I wish one day, like I’m sure we all do, a flat or a house where there is an entire room just dedicated to bookcases full of my favourite books. My own little library. Preferably with a fire place (wow that seems hazardous.)


  5. I judge other people by their bookshelves (or lack thereof). If you tell me you love books and reading and all you have on your shelf is dark novels with ribbons and roses on the covers, with titles like “BARED TO YOU/BOUND TO YOU/MURDERED BY YOU” then yeah, I will be inwardly sighing and rolling my eyes.


TheBookHeap/Book Blogging


  1. I constantly worry that my blog isn’t “popular” enough, whatever that means. It has been running for seven months now, and I absolutely love seeing it grow, but I always compare it to other blogs (which is unfair as they have been running for years, some of them!) and worry it isn’t good enough.


  2. I follow Booktubers, and I enjoy their videos but I honestly hate when I pick up the books they rave about. Why? Because almost every time I do, I’m disappointed with that book, more than I would have been if I hadn’t had so much hype through booktube. I was originally tempted to set up my own booktube channel, but I need to be careful about where I put my face on the internet due to my job so, yes, book-blogging is as close as I will get.


  3. I wish, I wish the United Kingdom had book conventions. I know Malorie Blackman has just set up the first YALC (which is happening this weekend), but it was too short notice and trains to london are expensive. What I wouldn’t give to go to a huge book convention!


  4. When I wind up having full blown discussions with people regarding books, it just makes my day so much brighter. I’m never off goodreads via the (awful) phone app, and I love reading other people’s posts and discussing books. It’s rare that any of my “RL” friends read the same books I do so I don’t really have anyone to discuss bookish things in the “Real world”…which makes my next confession more awful….


  5. I’m lazy. I will read other people’s posts and not comment on them sometimes. Normally this only really happens when I’ve been in work all day, I check the blog quickly, and log off to fall asleep. I feel awful, especially knowing how happy comments make me. I am working on this, I’m trying to, slowly but surely!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 18: Confessions of TheBookHeap

  1. Great post and I am so with you on the wishing for a huge UK-based book convention! I also worry about my stats and popularity but I worry about most things!

    • thebookheap says:

      maybe we should all just club together as uk book bloggers and look to arrange some sort of kickstarter with UK authors….hmmmmm.

      I don’t even know what counts as “popular” for book blogs to be honest, I just worry it isn’t good enough!

  2. I have to agree with you on so many of these points !! I too collect bookmarks and wish I could have a grand bookshelf. I used to judge people a lot on what they read but now I’m too lazy to care 😐 And the commenting part is something I share – laziness is one thing but sometimes I literally don’t know what to write even though I enjoyed their post !

    • thebookheap says:

      There is just something lovely about bookmarks, especially ones with a story behind them (no pun intended!).

      haha I got a little like that last year, when I worked in WH Smiths and the entire top 10 chart of fiction looked like 50 shades knock offs. At some point i just expected people to buy that type of rubbish and stop sighing, ugh.

      I sit there reading posts going “yes good I agree” and then can’t think of what to type without sounding stupid, so I decide not to! I need to just post applause even if I think it’s pointless anyway because I know getting comments makes people smile!

  3. I sometimes see blogs do better than my own that have been running for a shorter amount of time and that really makes me worry about whether my blog is good enough.

    • thebookheap says:

      I have no idea what even counts as a “popular” blog haha I just worry that I should be having more activity on my blog than I do after 7 months…but then again if I have little activity then it’s my fault XD

  4. I agree with you completely in books of a series not matching. It annoys me so much, but I usually can’t wait until the later ones come out in paperback.

    That’s why I like the liked button on blogs. It means I read it, I liked it, but I didn’t have time or was too shy to leave a response.

    Yesterday I actually figured out how many unique visitors I get a month for my netgalley profile. I got an average of 56 the last 11 months. Make you feel better?

    Oh to have a library one day! Right now my books aren’t even all in the same house.

      • I just went to my stats and clicked on monthly. Then added all my visitors together and divided by how many months there were.

        No I didn’t move. It would take me forever to box up all my books if I did. My grandparents died and my Dad helped build the house so we have a house sized keepsake right now.

      • thebookheap says:

        awh I’m sorry to hear that. That’s pretty cool that your dad helped to build the house though! I think the most I’ve built in the house wheree I live is…one bookcase (to be fair, I still live with my parents haha)

  5. Wow. Your number one is impressive!! I should link you up to my bargain hunting posts seeing as you’re UK based – I save a fortune on new books! Massive bargain hunter. I agree with #2, I have a mix of hardback and paperback HP, which doesn’t bother me just as much as if the cover pics don’t match. My book 1-6 are the original Bloomsbury children’s editions, but by book 7 I was 16 and wanted the adult version. Oopsies. I plan to buy the Scholastic paperback limited edition soon (my bargain hunting has spotted it for a total of £38!) because I want a second collection of HPs as my series are mostly originals with a few first editions and rereading will ruin them. I also agree with #4 and #5 – I will hopefully soon have half a home library type situation on the go, I’ll post about it when it happens… and for 5 I don’t so much judge by content, but when someone owns books/bookshelves they go up in my estimations. For your second set I get #1 and #3 completely. I think we all judge our blogs by popularity even when we know we shouldn’t, and we chatted about 3 due to my mistake this morning!! Definitely more UK-based fangirling is needed!!

    R x

  6. I love book depository bookmarks. I especially like it when you have three books in one order and get a bookmark for each one. What joy! For some reason my bookmarks never hold up for very long…

    • thebookheap says:

      I really am tempted to order a load of books just so that I can collect all 20 bookmarks from that competition they did!…then I remember I am broke. Le woe!

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