Austen August: update 3



It’s August August update time!


I’m finding that the closer and closer we get to this read-a-long, the more excited I am getting? what about you guys?!

Just a reminder that the group (which currently has a whooping THIRTY ONE members- oh my god!) can be joined/seen here and is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to join in the fun! I’m in such a romance/chick-lit book mood lately and this will be exactly what I need! We begin on the 1st August so little over a week to go!

During this read-a-long, I will also be reading three other Austen-related books, if anyone wishes to join me in reading those as well!

Have you ever participated in any read-a-thons before? I’ve not, what were your experiences of them?

Is there any way you think the board/read-a-thon can be improved?

Let me know your thoughts! As always the group is open to new members and the discussion boards are becoming more and more active!


5 thoughts on “Austen August: update 3

  1. Aida says:

    I’m really hoping I won’t literally forget to join in on the first of August, like I did with book-tube-a-thon (fail!)

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