Austen August: week 2 Update!


We are on week 2/Day 10 of Austen August so far! How are you all finding it? Are you keeping up with your goals? are you wanting to add more to your TBR or do you think you will have to edit it down??

I finished my second Austen-Related book, Longbourn, this week, which means my Austen August page count so far is:-

820 pages!

I fell a bit behind and didn’t post two chapter summaries yesterday, so I will be posting 4 this morning and editing the links into here for you all.

Volume 1:-

Chapter 1//Chapter 2//Chapter 3//Chapter 4//Chapter 5//Chapter 6//Chapter 7//Chapter 8

Chapter 9//Chapter 10//Chapter 11//Chapter 12//Chapter 13//Chapter 14//Chapter 15//Chapter 16

Chapter 17//Chapter 18/ Chapter 19//Chapter 20//Chapter 21//Chapter 22


4 thoughts on “Austen August: week 2 Update!

  1. I’m enjoying the reading but feel awful because I keep forgetting to get onto the discussion group. I’m going to have a major posting session tomorrow I think!

      • Thanks! It’s just been getting the time (and a few issues with my anxiety) that have meant I haven’t been on to the group as much. I’m going to try and get on there today though.

      • Actually, that’s slightly misleading. I’ve been reading other peoples posts and enjoying that… its just been the writing of posts that I found hard last week. Feeling a bit better now though so will get back on. Thanks for all your hard work with the group. It’s really great!

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