Top Ten Tuesday 22: Overhyped books


As usual, this is hosted by the broke and the bookish, and this week’s theme is the top ten books you aren’t sure you want to read.

Basically, for me, this tends to mean overhyped books. So here is my list. Can anyone change my opinions/prejudices on these books?

1 Lux series by Jennifer L. Amentrout.

Firstly, the covers (both the original and the new bind ups) look awful, it just seems super cheesy and not like something I would enjoy at all. But this has been all over booktube for about a year now and it is tempting to see what the fuss is about…. but it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

2. The Selection Series- Kiera Cass

again many, many people in the bookblogosphere love this, but from what I gather it is basically “the bachelor” in which the whiney protagonist female faces the big dilemma of marrying a a guy…er…okay.

3.  Ever After series- Stephanie Perkins

I read Anna and the French Kiss- and I gave it two stars (click for my review). The other two are so hyped up and a lot of people say “Lola” is better than “Anna”” but I just can’t bring myself to try it after I disliked “Anna” so much.

4. Pushing the Limits Series- Katie McGarry

Again, far too hyped on booktube. Every one of these books seems to follow the “bad boy” formula, which is a formula I hate.I did pick up a copy of “Red  at night”, purely because it was free on kindle for a time. But yeah, this series does not appeal to mebecause it just seems to be the classic “good girl meets bad boy romance”- insert eye rolls here.

5. Nicholas Sparks

Pretty much anything Nicholas Sparks. I tried reading the notebook and gave up after chapter 2 because his writing annoyed the hell out of me. His metaphors/analogies were ridiculous, and he seems like another author whose books all seem to follow the same formula, normally something to do with long-term illness, which is a topic I stay away from, full stop.

6. Cassandra Clare.

Speaking of painful metaphors and Analogies.

Are you kidding me? Okay so apparently saying someone looks pale or looks a bit ill isn’t acceptable anymore. So it is, are you ready for this- “His face was the colour of winter sky just before it rained” (My goodreads reaction to the opening chapters of City of Ashes).

7.  Shatter Me Series- Tahereh Mafi

Again, bad metaphors and analogies. I remember being two chapters in and reading her compare herself to the rain running down a window pane, and it took like four sentences. Ridiculous.

8. Allegiant- Veronica Roth.

I’ve read the first two books, after re-reading them, my ratings of them took a drastic turn, sadly. Which means any longing I had to finish the series, seems to have disappeared in a poof of smoke. Click for my  reviews of  Divergent and Insurgent.

9. Raging Star- Moira Young

When Blood Red Road came out, it was so different and feisty and enjoyable that I basically devoured it. I loved the weird narration and the story of Saba searching for her brother. Unfortunatley, Rebel Heart was not as memorable and had it’s weird turns, including starting a very annoying and unnecessary love triangle, amongst other things. Again, Raging Star has just…disappeared off my radar, if I’m quite honest. I’ve seen mixed reviews about it and I haven’t exactly missed not reading it.

10. Sarah Dessen

I keep seeing so much about Sarah Dessen around the bookblogs and booktube. I’m so on the fence with contemporary romance because I can find most of them frustratingly boring. But I’m determined to try and find a “romantic” book that doesn’t actually make me roll my eyes on every page. So if anyone has any recommendations for her, please make them to me? Note: again, no long-term illness please


21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 22: Overhyped books

  1. HAHA you’re reasons made me laugh. I’ve totally given up on the idea of reading Allegiant too. Not sure why, I LOVED Divergent and enjoyed Insurgent enough, but I’m just kinda over it!

  2. Oh no. Pretty much all of these are on my TBR, I own them or I want to read them. Are our tastes completely opposite? I didn’t think they were…

    1 – don’t own. Hate the covers. But seem like good stories.
    2 – don’t own. Hate the covers. Have seen a lot about them and I’m torn.
    3 – don’t own. Have been threatened with physical bodily harm if I don’t at least read them. I’m intrigued.
    4 – Read and own the first two as eBooks. Own the third one. Is a little formulaic (but also has bad girls and good guys) and I LOVED them.
    5 – Haven’t read any, but have seen multiple movies…
    6 – Le sigh. I love my Shadowhunters.
    7 – haven’t read them yet. Own the first one. LOVE the covers. Apparently the writing is beautiful…
    8 – Hmm. Not the best series in the world. But I’m glad I read them and I have an appreciation for them because of Roth’s bravery.
    9 – Never heard of it.
    10 – Read Sarah Dessen when I was younger. One or two stand out in my mind. Will look them up and get back to you.

    My TTT:

  3. The covers for the Lux series are probably why I’m so hesitant to give them a try. How awful does that sound? I really enjoyed Divergent and own the last two but lack the motivation to pick them up. I am in the minority when it comes to The Selection. I hated the first book. I hated the premise, I hated the characters. I just hated it.

  4. I’m intrigued by the Lux series but I’m not sure that I’ll ever pick them up. I did like Allegiant though. It’s not the best finale, but I thought it wasn’t as bad as everyone made out.

    • thebookheap says:

      haha everyone acted like the world ended! I’m not bothered even about the character death/s. It’s just that insurgent was such a bad re-read for me that it killed any desire to finish it!

  5. I just read the first book in the Lux series and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t too much different than Twilight besides the stronger characters (no Bella/Edward thank goodness!!), but I wouldn’t take it too seriously.
    If you’re looking for a Sarah Dessen book, check out “Along for the Ride”. That’s my favorite of hers. They’re mindless, beach reads, but sometimes I find myself in the mood for that!
    My TTT

    • thebookheap says:

      sometimes I’m in the mood for light reads but I never really know where to turn aside from Sophie Kinsella, so I’d like to expand my horizons a bit in that genre

  6. Sarah Dessen’s books all have more to them than just romance, and the characters are really well written, so I think if you gave them a chance you wouldn’t be rolling your eyes! I love The Truth About Forever, This Lullaby, and Just Listen the most!

  7. I can’t convince you to read any of these! I read the 1st three Cassandra Clare books, and enjoyed them, but never felt the need to read more. And I’m with you on Nicholas Sparks! Overly sentimental in a way that feels so fake, in my humble opinion. Great list!

  8. Selection and Shatter Me are on my to read list, but I keep putting them off. (I’ve been in more of a fantasy mood.) I wasn’t planning to read Lux, but I got the first one for free. I have a feeling you aren’t missing anything by skipping Alligiant. I haven’t read it, but I probably will eventually. I really like Cassandra Clare’s books, but I understand what you mean about her writing. I’m not a Nicolas Sparks sort of girl either.

    • thebookheap says:

      haha funnily enough I don’t feel like I’m missing much from Allegiant either, I already know about the character death so…yeah.

      Selection is on my tbr but I keep putting it off cos I don’t know if I want to spend money on that series…. haha

    • thebookheap says:

      I definitely want to try her to see what I think but I’m not really expecting them to live upto the hype…we shall see, eh!

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