Stacking the Shelves 8: Netgalley Galore!


hosted by Tynga’s Reviewsthis meme features any books you have acquired throughout the week, be it physical or ebook!

I wound up getting more books off Netgalley- oops?


This is Where I Leave You is actually coming out as a film in the next month or so and I just was drawn to that beautiful cover. My friend Aida read, raved and reviewed The Winter People so I’m excited to see what I think of it!


I’ve not read “Hush Hush” but when I read the description of this book back in January I added it to my TBR, because it sounds like it could be SO GOOD- I was excited to see this on netgalley and even more excited to see I got approved for it!

Obligatory christmas chick lit appearing on netgalley meant I needed to get one or two


I admit, this one was a complete cover buy- I love that shot! But also I need to read more books set in England. The fact this is set during Thatcher’s era (of terror) means it could be quite interesting to see what perspective this takes.

and Yup, more chick lit just for fun reads. Have I mentioned I love illustrated covers?


🙂 pretty happy with this haul, since I wasn’t planning on it! Netgalley you are a lifesaver!


2 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves 8: Netgalley Galore!

  1. haha that happened to me last week, I was suddenly approved for three Netgalley books. Always a happy surprise. 🙂 Mine were all good, I hope yours are as well. The Winter People and Black Ice look interesting. I tried to read Hush Hush, but I stopped after one chapter, I just wasn’t in the mood for it at that time.

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