101. Midnight in Austenland- Shannon Hale


Title: Midnight in Austenland

Author: Shannon Hale

Rating: ★★★★

On the Shelves: Fiction> Romance/Re-tellings/Contemporary

Charlotte Kinder is in need of true escape when she heads from Ohio to Pembrook Park, a Jane Austen-themed retreat in the British countryside. But as it turns out, this vacation is no time to relax. Hearts are racing and stomachs fluttering in a tangle of intrigues-real and pretend, sinister and romantic-increasingly tough to sort out. It’s midnight in Austenland, and Charlotte is about to prove herself a heroine worthy of Austen herself. (Goodreads 2014)

I read this as part of Austen August. Page Count: 272

I purchased this book intending to read it for Austen August, when I’d been wanting to read it for at least a year, since I read the original Austenland, which I loved (click the link for my review on the original).

Midnight in Austenland sees us return to this bizarre and fun world with a different heroine this time, and while the original is more towards Pride and Prejudice, Midnight in Austenland is more towards my favourite Northanger Abbey, which meant I was even more excited for this sequel because as we all know, Northanger Abbey is my favourite Austen.

Charlotte arrives at Austenland in search of escaping the dreary happenings of her last few years where her husband decided it was reasonable to cheat on her. Shortly after arriving though, there appears to be a mystery afoot in the manor. With Charlotte seeing strange happenings, potential dead bodies and cars which should not be around the grounds- what exactly is going on in Austenland?

I really enjoyed this sequel, the writing was enjoyable and the pace was steady throughout. I did not intend to read this in one sitting but suddenly half the day had gone by and I had finished the book. I could not put it down- I had to know who the “villain” was, what was going on, what was true and what was false! It sucked me in completely and I just loved every minute of it. I had pages where I laughed out loud at the sarcasm in this book, which was great because Northanger Abbey is very sarcastic in tone as well. I highly recommend this sequel, even if you haven’t read the original actually, because this does hold it’s own weight as a standalone book too. I really enjoyed the characters throughout this book and I enjoyed trying to piece together the mystery of what was actually going on. I can’t decide if I like this more or less than Austenland, but it’s nice to have a sequel which holds it’s own against the original book.


4 thoughts on “101. Midnight in Austenland- Shannon Hale

  1. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this one! I was confused when I came across this book, having assumed it was a sequel with the same characters rather than new people in the same setting. I’m not sure that I loved Austenland enough to want to read #2, but this helps me at least know what it’s about, if I ever do!

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