Austen August: Final Update!


It’s the 31st August which means “Austen August”, my first ever hosted read-a-long is officially over! With the final chapter summaries all posted on the goodreads group, and all four intended books surrounding Austen read, I’m pretty happy with my personal progress- what about you guys!?

I may do another Austen August next year, depending on how busy I am, which will be around Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, if anyone will be interested in that.  I will be leaving the goodreads group for the Pride and Prejudice read-a-long up and active so that anyone who is a fan of the book can go back to the boards at any time and fangirl over the book with others, or re-read the chapter summaries. So if you are a little behind on the read-a-long and haven’t finished yet- don’t worry, the summaries and discussion boards aren’t going anywhere!

My personal page total for Austen August stands at exactly 1424 pages- I was pretty busy this week so I didn’t get too much read. However, I did publish two reviews which are Austen August related- the links are as follows if you are interested!

1. Longbourn – Jo Baker, a re-telling of Pride and Prejudice through the eyes of the Longbourn Servants

2. Midnight in Austenland– Shannon Hale, the sequel of “Austenland”

3. The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen– Lindsay Ashford

4. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen (Review to Come)

Here is an the final  list of the links to the chapter summaries posted so far on the group (which is public and available for all to post to!)

Volume 1:-

Chapter 1//Chapter 2//Chapter 3//Chapter 4//Chapter 5//Chapter 6//Chapter 7//Chapter 8

Chapter 9//Chapter 10//Chapter 11//Chapter 12//Chapter 13//Chapter 14//Chapter 15//Chapter 16

Chapter 17//Chapter 18//Chapter 19// Chapter 20// Chapter 21// Chapter 22//Chapter 23

Volume 2:-

Chapter 1//Chapter 2//Chapter 3//Chapter 4//Chapter 5//Chapter 6//Chapter 7//Chapter 8

Chapter 9//Chapter 10//Chapter 11//Chapter 12//Chapter 13// Chapter 14//Chapter 15

Chapter 16// Chapter 17// Chapter 18// Chapter 19 

Volume 3:-

Chapter 1// Chapter 2// Chapter 3// Chapter 4// Chapter 5// Chapter 6// Chapter 7// Chapter 8

Chapter 9// Chapter 10// Chapter 11// Chapter 12// Chapter 13// Chapter 14// Chapter 15

Chapter 16// Chapter 17// Chapter 18// Chapter 19


4 thoughts on “Austen August: Final Update!

  1. Thank you so much again for the read-a-long. I would definitely be interested in doing another. I’ve only read Northanger Abbey and Persuasion once, so I would love to revisit them. I love Mr. Tilney and Captain Wentworth is second only to Mr. Darcy.

    • thebookheap says:

      Mr Tilney is my absolute favourite hero, and N.A is my favourite Austen- so it probably most definitely will be happening, depending on my job situation this time next year 🙂 (applying for grown up jobs and potentially moving away from home- scary stuff!!)

  2. Elen @ A World of Reviews says:

    Thank you so much for hosting the read-a-long. I really don’t think I would’ve read Pride and Prejudice if I hadn’t joined this, and I loved the book so much. Now I need to read the rest of Austen’s books!

    • thebookheap says:

      Awh brilliant- I’m so glad!! : D

      Just saying to Alicia then, I will most likely be doing NA and Persuasion next august if you’d be interested in them- I do recommend you try NA though soon, because it is one of her easier books (more like a young adult book) and it’s full to the brim of sarcasm! I couldn’t’ stop laughing when I read it!!

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