Top Ten Tuesday 25: Overdue Reviews!


As usual, this meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Ten books you loved but never wrote a review for:

I was struggling with the top ten high school table friends meme, so decided to go through
the past lists of TTTs and found this beauty. I think this is a good one to do because I read a lot
before I set up my book blog, loved a lot of books but never got to review them- and in order to
review them, I need to do a massive re-read so that I can make decent comments about each book!

So here are the top ten books, I really really want to review but need to find the time to re-read first:-

1. The Hunger Games Trilogy

Yes this is going down at one, but it was the series that officially got me back into reading in 2009 (when I started uni, My catching fire
is the white and purple edition you can’t buy anymore mwahaha), and I have MANY thoughts of this series and could talk about it for hours if I wanted to!I read each book in this series in a day (seperately), and it needs to be reviewed on here at some point.

2. The Night Circus

I am planning on re-reading this towards the end of the year but yes, beautiful beautiful book with wonderful uses of imagery just- ugh brilliant.

3. Poison Study

I didn’t much care for Magic Study or Fire Study, but with her signing up for THREE MORE BOOKS in this series, I definitely need to re-read and review the original three, because I loved, loved, loved the first book!

4.To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch is now my role model and this book is one that changed my life. Honestly. I actually wound up writing about this book
in one of my criminology essays (the module was race and ethnicity within criminal justice and I would up discussing how Harper Lee influenced perceptions around that in her society ahead of her time- my tutor was impressed because nobody else had written about her before for his module haha)

5. The Phantom Tollbooth- Norton Juster
Very witty and enjoyable, very clever “for a kid’s book”- tones similar to the likes of Roald Dahl.
Highly recommend

6. Twenties Girl- Sophie Kinsella

Just all of the sophie kinsella books need reviewing as I’ve only reviewed my favourite “Can you keep a secret?” so far, but
Twenties Girl is different from her other books, in that it has a bit more of a sentimental and sweet story along with the humour, which is just lovely andperfectly balanced.

7. Water for Elephants

I was honestly really surprised I enjoyed this book as much as I did!

8. Silver Linings Playbook- Matthew Quick

I read this after I saw the movie and I enjoyed it so much. After also enjoying Forgive Me Leonard Peacock, I will
pretty much now read anything Quick writes. I need to grab a physical copy of this book for my shelves and actually review it because yes, good discussions of mental health and the stigmas around it are great!

9. Gemma Doyle Trilogy/Diviners

Again I am cheating and putting four books under one author/number, due to the amount of books I could easily fit into this topic.
I read the Gemma Doyle trilogy in 2009, loved it and need to re-read them all so that I can review it.
But I actually loved the Diviners book more, and I need to also re-read that before the sequel comes out (grrr pushed back again!!)

10. I’ve not done any Harry Potter reviews either, so could probably do that at some point as well!


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