Top Ten Tuesday: 27!


As usual, this meme is hosted by the lovely The Broke and the Bookish, and this week it is focussing on those authors who you have only read one or two books by, but are desperate to read more of their works! Here is my list:-


1. Catherynne M Valente

Read: The Girl who Circumnavigated a Ship in her own making.

Want to read: Deathless

I have read and enjoyed the first two books in her “Fairyland” series, but Deathless looks like something so different, definitely need to try it!


2. Gillian Flynn

Read: Gone Girl

To read: Sharp Objects/Hidden Places

Gillian Flynn has uncovered a love of thrillers I had no idea I had. I’m so excited for the movie of Gone Girl (three people in work are reading it before they see the movie and I’m just like I CAN’T SAY A WORD BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS A SPOILER BUT IT’S GOOD.) I NEED to read her other books.


3. Gabrielle Zevin

Read: Elsewhere

To read: Memoirs of Teenage Amnesiac and The Story of A.J Fikry

The Story of AJ Fikry has been popping up on booktube a little bit and getting good reviews, and I really enjoyed Elsewhere, so I definitely want to try more of Zevin’s works. I did also see the japanese movie of “amnesiac” a few years ago (with Maki and Toma), it wasn’t great but it was enjoyable.

4. Virginia Woolf:

Read: A Room of One’s Own

To Read: To the Lighthouse and The Waves

Definitely. Yes.


5. Alice Hoffman

Read: Practical Magic

to read: Seventh Heaven

The book is a little different to the movie (When are they not) but I was thinking I’d like to read more of Hoffman’s works and I spotted Seventh Heaven on netgalley the other day! So it is now sitting on my kindle waiting for me. Nice when that works out, isn’t it?


6. Agatha Christie

Read: And Then There were None

to read: 4.30 to Paddington

Oh boy-  need to read more of Christie, for sure. I’ve only read And Then there were None and I was so engrossed in it- my dad has a collection of her books so I need to get on it.


7. Jodi Lynn Anderson

Read: the moment collector

to read: Tiger Lily

I really enjoyed the moment collector, and I have spotted she has written a re-telling of Peter Pan- you know me and my fairy tale re-tellings.


8. Sarah Addison Allen

Read: the girl who chased the moon/The sugar queen

to read: Garden Spells

Sarah Addison Allen is a newish author to me. I’ve read two of her books and enjoyed both of them, so I want to read more of her work.


9. Charlotte Bronte

Read: Jane Eyre

To read: Shirley and Vilette


Jane Eyre is one of my favourites- must read more!


10. Ernest Hemingway

Read: A Farewell to Arms

To read: The Sun Also Rises

I enjoyed A Farewell to Arms, although it was a bit slow in places, I think I like the sounds of the Sun Also Rises….


have you read any of these books or authors? What do you think of them?


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 27!

  1. Your #1 has always intrigued me but I’ve never read it. I LOVED Gone Girl, and think Flynn’s other novels are well worth a read, but GG was my favourite. #3 and #4 interest me, but I’ve never picked them up. I only realised recently that Practical Magic the movie, was originally a book. I should have known better. I LOVE that movie, is it worth reading the book? I’ve never read an Agatha Christie, I always thought they were for the “older” age range…lol I have a galley of The Moment Collector, but I’ve heard Tiger Lily is the better of the two – I should really get on that review. I haven’t read anything by #8, 9 or 10.

    My TTT:

  2. Elen @ A World of Reviews says:

    Agatha Christie’s books are awesome, and you should definitely read more of them! Tiger Lily’s also worth the read, and it’s a lot better than The Moment Collector. 🙂

    • thebookheap says:

      the artwork in it is beautiful and it follows the traditional structure of fairytales 🙂 e.g. don’t tell strangers your “official” name because it gives them power over you etc

  3. Great list! I still need to read the Fairyland books, and I finally picked up a copy of And Then There Were None, which will be my very 1st Agatha Christie. I loved both of the G. Zevin books you mention as to read, especially A. J. Fikry!

    • thebookheap says:

      it was my first Christie book too! I feel it’s a good one to start off with since that trope is so popular in movies and tv shows now

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