Stacking the Shelves: 9!


It’s been over a month since I did one of these, so it’s time for a book haul- I guess? I’ve not bought many books this month due to being broke so…yeah this is mostly just going to be netgalley books.

Physical Copies

The three physical books I have bought since my last STS are:


My latest netgalley approvals are:-


I hate that cover for Trial by Fire, but I’ve only heard good things, and I was drawn to the Walls Around Us purely because of cover love. It does sound really different though!


I’ve started Soulless, only 15% in but can’t say I’m too impressed.

Cover Love for Coffey’s novel- I mean my god isn’t that beautiful?!


Chick lit? Yeeees.


More cover love. Very excited to read another of Hoffman’s books because I enjoyed Practical Magic (love the movie, guilty!)


This last one looks really interesting, it looks like it would be a “chick lit” but it actually sounds like it could turn out quite creepy in a way!

Netgalley, you are a bookworm’s dream when they are skint!!


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