General: Dream Job!!

I’ve not really been buying any books, so I can’t do a stacking the shelves this week. But what I can tell you is some excellent news I got this week!

So in my bio it tells you that I “work in retail but dream of being a first responder”- I currently work as a voluntary first responder in my spare time.

Well, after a long six month process of exams, tests, physical fitness etc- I found out on Thursday that I GOT THE JOB!! 


(that gif was literally me in work thursday night when I got the e-mail, I basically ran from the staff room full of people out into the locker room and spent the next 15 minutes squealing down the phone to my family and best friends, people in work are/were very confused!) I’m just waiting for the papers and contracts to be sent to me, but I’ve accepted the offer via e-mail already.

It requires moving away from home to another city for the training for 5 months, and then moving again when I am posted to the area, but hey, you do what you have to do for the job you want and it will be a little like the uni experience I never had! It’s terrifying but exciting. I will be leaving the safety of my parents home for the first time, my retail job in the cinema and my current voluntary station (which I’m gutted about because I’m so attached to them all there), but I have to move forward in life and this is a  great opportunity to do what I have wanted to do since I was thirteen years old!

I still have some time left in Liverpool though because the intake isn’t until either february or march, so I get to spend one last christmas at home and stay in my retail job to save up all of the money, so that’s nice! I’m just so excited you guys!


16 thoughts on “General: Dream Job!!

    • thebookheap says:

      thank you :3 it’s nice cos I have a good 3-4 months to save up money and get my life together before I leave for a new city and take the leap!

    • thebookheap says:

      it’s mad because it’s a 6 month process of tests and at the start 21,000 people registered their interest for only about 250 roles, they’d narrowed it down to 84 candidates and I’m one of the 84- my jaw hit the floor when I found out!!

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