Stacking the Shelves: 10


Since I’ve nothing else to post, I figured I would just do a quick post about my newest books. And it will be quick because I’ve not really bought any books in the last few weeks… However, I did get…


Obviously. Due to working so much, I’m only about 150 pages in so far, but really enjoying it and can’t wait to see how it all ends!

I also managed to get this, although technically I got it a week early somehow-


Can’t wait to read that around November for the build up to christmas 🙂

I’ve been really behind on keeping up with the blogs this week due to being in work so much, many apologies. I’ve been reading as much of them as I can, but I’m sorry for not really commenting much! @.@

8 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves: 10

  1. Elen @ A World of Reviews says:

    I hope you enjoy BoO! I loved it. 😀 I almost bought My True Love Gave to Me last week when I was in Waterstones – it looked so good.

  2. I loved Blood of Olympus. At around page 200 I couldn’t put it down. (no particular reason why, this isn’t a spoiler) I hope you have time to finish it, I want to talk about it! (I thought about holding my review to give more people a chance to read it, but I couldn’t wait any longer!)

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