WWW Wednesday: 32!


A weekly meme hosted by Shouldbereading, where all you have to do to play along is answer three simple questions:-

1. What did you recently finish reading?

2 What are you currently reading?

3. What are you planning on reading next?

What have you finished reading this week?


I didn’t “finish” trial by fire, but rather abandoned it. I have like 3 netgalley books I’ve abandoned recently, and I’m torn between reviewing them or not- I feel like I can’t give a review if I haven’t actually finished the book, even if it is a “DNF”. But my god, this one was a struggle from start to finish, full of things that made me go “and why is that even relevant here?” Ugh. What a pain. What do you guys do when you simply cannot finish a book- do you review it or hold off?

What am I currently Reading?


As I predicted last week, I’ve been too busy so I’m still on these two books, although I probably will finish “The Man who was Thursday” today, actually, as I only have about 20 pages left in it. Next week I have a week off from work (YAY!) So I plan on blitzing through and doing a mini readathon!

What will I read next?

I think I’ll do a readathon TBR post over the weekend ;3 keep an eye out and if anyone wishes to join in with it, feel free to!


6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 32!

  1. Oh rubbish, I hope you have better luck soon!

    I usually still review DNF ARCs (not often general books). But I make sure I say I didn’t finish it and why. It usually depends on how much I got through and if I think I can make some decent points about it.

    • thebookheap says:

      Yeah…when I’m DNF’ing a book- I tend to stop around 40% because if I’m not interested by then, something just isn’t working for me and I have too many other “want to reads” to waste time on ones I’m not interested in.

      But I do feel like not actually pushing through them means I can’t form a “solid” opinion on them as such, so it’s unfair of me to say it was flawed, in a way- then again, negative reviews are a perfectly valid opinion too…I’m in two minds!

    • thebookheap says:

      I might wind up doing that tbh. On netgalley I still submit “reviews” but I just say that I’m not publishing a review and here are the reasons why- so they are still getting feedback

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