Top Ten Tuesday 37: Best “New to Me” Authors of 2014


This week’s meme, hosted as usual by The Broke and the Bookish, is focusing on us celebrating the new discoveries we have made throughout our reading year. And here is mine!.

*These are not in order of favourites, but in the order I read them in

1. Hilary Jordan (When She Woke)


I thought this book was original, innovative and it tied in nicely with an essay I was writing at the time, around the perceptions of criminality.  I definitely want to read more of her work.

You can find my review for this book here

2. Gabrielle Zevin


This book made me cry and have all the feels. I like books which question death and the afterlife, or how we perceive it, and this was no different. I’ve heard really good things about her other books as well so definitely getting on that bandwagon!

You can find my review for Elsewhere here

3. William Boyd


Somehow, Mr Boyd is the only male on this list today. I think I need to aim to read more male authors next year (a lot of Young Adult is, interestingly, female authors with female protagonists…huh). This was so far out of my usual comfort zone for books, and I loved every minute of it. It made me crave more WW2 era books.

You can find my review for Restless here

4. Elizabeth Wein


I feel this needs no explanation. ALL OF THE FEELS. I actually think Wein is my absolute favourite discovery of the year. My heart still hurts. Fly the plane, Maddie. Just fly the plane.

You can find my reviews for Code Name Verity here, and Rose Under Fire here.

5. Rosamund Hodge


I read Cruel Beauty at the beginning of the year and was blown away by Hodge’s world building, even if it was a little…unusual. I’m very excited for Crimson Bound next year!

You can find my review for Cruel Beauty here

6. Sally Green


The story of Half Bad and the writing was so unsual, I’m definitely keeping my eye on Sally Green and this series!

You can find my review for Half Bad here

7. Gillian Flynn


Gillian Flynn set a whole new standard of writing to me and I need to read her other books like…yesterday because oh my god, intense isn’t even the word!

You can find my review for Gone Girl here

8. Rae Carson


Rae Carson set a whole new band of YA fantasy for me this year- the characters were so unique and unusual and I’m excited to continue this trilogy next year.

You can find my review for The Girl of Fire and Thorns here

9. Theresa Breslin


I requested this for the centenary of WW1, to make sure I could review a book or two relating to the subject as it is important those who sacrificed so much were not forgotten- and Breslin made me feel ALL OF THE THINGS.

Definitely want to read more of her work in the future!

You can find my review for Remembrance here

10. Virginia Woolf


I think with this list being 9/10 female authors, it’s only fitting that this spot goes to the wonderful Woolf and her feminist essay on women’s place in both society and literature. I just enjoyed this book so much and I need to read more of her work ASAP.

You can find my review for A Room of One’s Own here

What have your favourite discoveries of the year been?


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 37: Best “New to Me” Authors of 2014

  1. I love this list. I’m so glad you got to read a A Room of One’s Own. You also made me want to pick up Boyd’s Restless. I love WWII fiction. I’m currently in search for fiction about Bletchley Park.

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