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Tagged by Confessionsofabookgeek, a looong while ago- I figure this is a good filler post while I have nothing to review yet! I’m so behind!

Here are my reactions to some popular books, followed by my list of picks for other bloggers, and who I tag to do this meme!

1. Maybe Someday- Colleen Hoover

I’ve not had a chance to read this yet.

2. Delirium- Lauren Oliver

It started out okay but then I just became disappointed and didn’t bother continuing.

3. Beautiful Disaster- Jamie McGuire

I will never pick up this series. Ever.

4. Clockwork Angel- Cassandra Clare

Well…I wasn’t impressed with the mortal instruments series, but I do have this on my kindle ebooks- one day I will get to it, I just have so many others that take priority first!

5. Throne of Glass- Sarah J Maas


6. Tease- Amanda Maciel

Never even heard of this one

7. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

SO INTENSE. I need her other books NOW.

8. PS I love You- Celia Ahern

It was okay- I mean, it did what it says on the tin. It was sweet, it was sad, and yes it made me tear up. But it wasn’t exactly a mind blowing book for me. Eh.

9. The Princess Diaries- Meg Cabot

Mia is me. Or was me…during my teens. haha. Oh man, I need to re-read the series cos I only made it to book 5…

10. Dangerous Girls- Abigail  Haas

Well…that sounds interesting!

My List of Books for people I tag:

1. Landline- Rainbow Rowell

2.The Girl with All the Gifts- M R Carey

3. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock- Matthew Quick

4.Cruel Beauty- Rosamund Hodge

5. Cinder- Marissa Meyer

6. Code Name Verity- Elizabeth Wein

7.Something Wicked This Way Comes- Ray Bradbury

8.Ready Player One- Ernest Cline

9.The Knife of Never Letting Go- Patrick Ness

10.Love is the Higher Law- David Levithan

I Tag:

Lazy tag anyone who wishes to do it : D

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