Top Ten Tuesday 44: Valentines Schmalentines


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by the broke and the bookish, as usual), focuses on a lovey dovey theme for valentines day. We are to list our top ten pet peeves and likes about romance books.

1. Witty banter/sarcasm- that is like sex to me, somehow
– Example: Jane Eyre/Edward Rochester (SASSY OTP)
2. I really enjoy girls who fight despite their protective partners
example: Susannah Simon and Jesse DeSilva- The Mediator

3. Friendships which evolve into relationships, no insta-love.

4. Guilty pleasure clichés: Opposites attract

Example: Yelena and Valek, Poison Study

5. Love isn’t everything, but it helps. I only really enjoy romances when they are actually the side plot to the actual story of the book. Being in love is nice and all but for me, there has to be a bigger goal or mystery to the story than just “kiss the girl”.

1. Incest-

2. dangerous/abusive/violent relationships
(50 shades of NOPE).

3. Jealous/posessiveness masked as “caring”
(Can you not?)

4. Instalove

5. ridiculous analogies/metaphors of physicality
(his eyes were the colour of fifty waterfalls as the sun shines through the waters, with iridescent sparks of vomit flowing through them- ew no. How about “his blue eyes” good god.).


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 44: Valentines Schmalentines

    • thebookheap says:

      number five is exactly why I never really pick up contemporary novels LOL i’ve read more contemporary last year than I ever have before- I just need adventure with a side romance, not a case of “does he like me back?” for 200 pages!

  1. Iridescent sparks of vomit – LOL. Great list.I agree with all your points, especially about what makes a good romance — banter, something going on besides just the love story, and a girl who fights for herself are all key!

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