Blog Awards: Versatile Blogger!


I was nominated on 07/02/2015 by Alicia over at A Kernel of Nonsense (one of my favourite book blogging friends on here, go snoop at her blog guys!)

Ironically, with this award, I feel like I’m really letting the side down lately. I’m so busy, I just need you guys to bear with me a little bit this month. I’m finishing up at my retail job this week (le woe, all cinema workers are dreading 50 shades of rubbish release!), and I’ve been in almost every day for 3 weeks so I’ve not had much me time/reading time. Plus the fact that the next two weeks involve me moving cities/homes for the first time ever, and then switching jobs…yeah, it’s a tad stressful. I’m keeping this blog running on memes but hopefully my reviews will be back on track sooner rather than later- until then, patience please!

Anyway, here is the meme:


1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share seven facts about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

1. have I mentioned I’m about to embark on a terrifying adventure where I move away from home for the first time for my dream job at the end of this month? Yep. This year is a HUUUUGE learning curve. I’m going to miss everyone at my current job so much, gonna cry ;.;

2. I currently have around 250 physical books in my room upstairs, most of which will be staying here until I get my own flat later in the year.

3.I have ringlets for hair which means I wake up every morning feelin like Simba, with my mop yelling LOLCAN’TBETAMED at me.

4. never been kissed #lolcantbetamed

5. I can’t stop listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989. No really, it’s great!

6.  Since Alicia listed her horoscope, I’ll tell you mine. I’m an Aries- which is hilarious because I am the most cautious, nervous Aries you will ever probably meet.

7. I was born premature, spent the first 2 months of my life in an incubator in the special care baby unit and weighed a whopping 3Ibs 9oz when born. (I used to like to trololol the nurses and hold my breath ;3)

I tag:

(Apologies if you have already done this/been tagged! I’m way behind on this)

Elen @ A World of Reviews

Molly @ MollyMortensen

Lisa @ bookshelffantasies

Chrissi @ Chrissireads

Lipsyy @ Lipsyy

Elizabeth @ thebookishuniverse

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