General: Hiatus Update!


well…kind of.

At the middle of February, I posted a general hiatus announcement, because I was moving out at the end of the month and life would get chaotic. Well, I wasn’t joking. I just wanted to update this to let you all know that I’m still alive, and still (barely) reading!

I’ve moved into my new house-share in the new city now and I started the new job nearly a month ago (holy moly that has flown by!) Unfortunately, like I predicted, I’ve been far too busy to be steadily reading! Just to show how this has worked- I read 6 books in January. Since then, I’ve read one and a half books. ONE AND A HALF. Good god! I’m going to try and crack on with the second one (Maria V Snyder’s new Study series book!) this week so that I can start posting reviews again! I need to get back into a reading routine.

I’m going to be online  a little later, when I will spend a chunk of time reading ALL OF THE POSTS you guys have done lately- but for now, I hope you’re well and thank you for your patience if you are still following thebookheap!


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