Stacking the Shelves: 15!


Here is my first Stacking the Shelves, since I have moved out into my new home! YAAAAY! I haven’t actually bought that many books but I do now have a few which I can haul, thanks to a little spending here and there, and my birthday in April! Here are the books I have acquired since February!

Physical Books:


I’ve not read a NS novel all the way through, and I don’t like the Notebook- but after watching and not hating this movie on netflix, I saw this for £1 in a local charity shop and thought “why not?”


Yup, that’s right! I FINALLY got my copy of the Assassin’s Blade!! (CROWD CHEERS)


My friend got my Gaiman’s new collection of short stories for my birthday!


I also want to read more graphic novels and since I saw this in my waterstones, I snatched it up- review to come but spoiler: I really recommend this!

Speaking of Graphic novels, I’ve literally just been to pick up these beauties:


Jumping on the bandwagon here because #includethewomen


yeeeah I caved and got one…



Have you read any of these?! what new releases are you excited for? What books have you recently added to your shelves? 😀


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