General: Hiatus

Hello everyone- just a quick post, but I think we have all seen this coming.

In fact, I am so far out of the blog-o-sphere, I doubt any of you remember my blog exists!

I started this blog up about 2 years before I moved cities for my dream job, and since then I have been trying to balance reading, and working full time shift work (including night shifts) with book reviewing. I have since moved departments multiple times, teams, locations, areas which has all been necessary in building my career and has been fantastic. But my social and personal time have suffered greatly for it, causing the blog posts to slow down and at times, cease altogether.

This year has been hard. My grandmother passed away suddenly early this year from a stroke. I had my first car accident and my first car was written off. My pupper died suddenly of an aneurysm in the summer and shortly after, I was signed off work with stress after I started having heart palpitations.

I learnt I wasn’t allowing myself the time. I wasn’t allowing myself time to process. And rather than constantly saying “oops I’ve not posted a review in months, my bad!”, I would rather take the time away and come back bright and refreshed.

So, my plan is- I will be starting this blog, brand new (although not changing or erasing any old reviews!) inĀ JANUARY 2019. I will be aiming to review every book I read during 2019 and will be aiming to post at least a fortnightly review. I think the relaxed stance on this in the meantime may help me to get back into the swing of things.

Meanwhile, my other bookish social media are running strongly because they are quicker and easier to update. My account names on twitter- thebookheap, tumblr- thebookheap and instagram – thebookheap12 and I would love it if you would follow me/talk to me on those! I also post all of my initial reactions and what I am currently reading on Goodreads!

Thank you for your patience/continuation to follow my blog, and I will have new reviews for you hopefully in the new year. X