135. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow- Jessica Day George


Title: Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

Author: Jessica Day George

Rating: ★★★★

On the Shelves: Fiction> Fantasy/Retellings/Young Adult fiction

Blessed—or cursed—with an ability to understand animals, the Lass (as she’s known to her family) has always been an oddball. And when anisbjorn (polar bear) seeks her out, and promises that her family will become rich if only the Lass will accompany him to his castle, she doesn’t hesitate. But the bear is not what he seems, nor is his castle, which is made of ice and inhabited by a silent staff of servents. Only a grueling journey on the backs of the four winds will reveal the truth: the bear is really a prince who’s been enchanted by a troll queen, and the Lass must come up with a way to free him before he’s forced to marry a troll princess. (Goodreads 2014)

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Friday’s Fairy tales: Twelve Dancing Princesses


Origins:- Originally published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, it is also known as “tale 133” or “The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes”. There are also French and Russian versions, published later in the century which are both attributed to this original tale.

In the Aarne Thompson scale, this tale falls under “306: Supernatural Opponents”

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Monthly Round Up: September Wrap Up!

I’m so happy it’s October! September/October is my favourite time of year- the build up to christmas, the weather going chillier, the smell of bonfires.. ahhhh~

Generally it’s been a very stressful month for me regarding jobs, I’ve been waiting to hear back from a job interview for over a month- oy vey (they are getting back to everybody, they just under appreciated how long it would take…like whoa). I’ve been super busy this week with work this week as well, so my WWW Wednesday would look exactly like last week’s unfortunately. However, because it is the end of one month and the beginning of another- here is my September Wrap Up!

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Friday’s Fairy tales: Rapunzel


TADA! Friday’s Fairytales is back after a nearly two month long hiatus!

Did you miss it? I know I did! I think I might make this feature a fortnightly one so I don’t get too bogged down over it, which seems to be what happened last time- but we’ll see.

This week’s tale is Rapunzel!

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Top Ten Tuesday: 26- Underrated Authors in Fairytale Re-tellings


Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish as ususal~

Since it has been a few weeks since my last “Friday’s Fairytales” (stay turned- it is back this week!!), I decided to dedicate this post to my top ten favourite fairytale re-tellings. Most of these authors seem to stick within this genre, as well so it isn’t entirely out there from this weeks topic of “most underrated authors”, so- without furtherdelay!

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79. Black Apples- An Anthology of Dark Fairytales.

(I have no idea why but for some reason, all my wordpress account stuff is coming up in another language today- whut is going on)



Title: Black Apples

Author:   Sarah L. Byrne, Maigen Turner, Alison Littlewood, Pat R. Steiner, David Turnbull, Angela Rega , Rose Williamson, Caren Gussoff,Alex Petri, Nadia Bulkin, Nicki Vardon,, Kate O’Connor,Martine Helene Svanevik, Elin Olausson, Ephiny Gale, Molly Pinto Madigan, Natalia Theodoridou, Karen Heuler , Liv Lingborn (Editor) and Camilla Bruce (Editor)


On the Shelves: Fiction> Anthologies>Retellings


Strip the fairytale princesses of their petticoats and tiaras, and what you have left are the Black Apples. These are stories of trials and survival, strength and defeat, exploring the bones of fairytales. Carolyn has stolen from the temple and is on the run, the mistress of the Gingerbread house is out of control, Bluebeard’s child collects hearts on her wall and a horse is not a horse… 
This collection offers eighteen new dark and delicious fairytales, some exploring the classic tales, others presenting brand new ones.” (Goodreads 2014)

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Discussion: New Post Ideas?

I wanted to ask your opinion.

I was thinking that I should start posting at the weekends, just maybe on the sundays- but I couldn’t think what to do- then I had an idea, but I wonder if it is  good idea, or a crap idea.

I’m a fan of fairytales. In the sense of, the original, cautionary, actually-quite-gorey fairytales. As a result, I have a couple of books crammed with the original tales by the Brothers Grimm, Perrault etc.

I thought, what if I start a string of posts which will not only properly help me read these books, but also inspire discussions about the tales, their essences, how they’ve changed over the generations (e.g. Cinderella actually attending the ball three times and her slippers being  made of fur) and how they are perceived and their morals etc. I thought this could be an interesting thing to do because so many people only really know the Disney-fied tales and not so much the more obscure ones (myself included!)

So what if I started doing a string of discussion posts, where I talk about one fairytale a week, give  a summary of what actually happens in the fairytale, and then provide the opportunity to discuss and compare versions of the tales with you guys?

Would this be interesting to you, or just plain stupid?

2014 Releases I’m Excited For- FEBRUARY

So, as promised, here is my list of the books I’m excited for in February. I’ve actually pre-ordered the first two from the book depository. I’m re-reading their prequels before I get them so I don’t miss anything! Some months of 2014 there aren’t actually any releases I’m excited for, in February there are only three…. what books are you excited for in february? will you be reading these when they are released?!


cress venggrim

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