General: Another apology- kind of.

I know I’ve been absent this year a lot and I just want to apologise- life has been chaotic. Which to be honest, is great for me, but not so great for this blog- or my reading life.

I miss reading. Don’t get me wrong. I miss reading 5 books a week and devouring them and posting multiple reviews in a month and getting involved with you guys on your posts and challenges.I’ve been reading The Final Empire (1)- Brandon Sanderson since July!! … But when I weigh up all I do in my day job, it just doesn’t compare and I can’t feel too bad about it if I’m honest. I guess you could say it’s a sacrifice I’m definitely willing to make.  It’s just one of those jobs you can’t find anywhere else! I’m stressed beyond belief- but loving every second of it.No day is the same and there are constant challenges.  And just for fun, I’ve been living in a house share since march but I’m now looking at moving into my own little flat in November- because why not, right?

I miss the fandoms and books, I’m so behind on my TBR it is unreal never mind this year’s releases! (SARAH J MAAS I’M LOOKING AT YOU ;.; )- but trust me when I tell you, it is entirely worth it!